“Al-Nakba” (Arabic for “the catastrophe”) refers to the events of 1948, when two-thirds of the Palestinian population were forcibly displaced from their homes. The attempt to drive the Palestinian people off their land did not end in 1948. This 28-page booklet is a concise description and history of invasion, displacement, and mass imprisonment that have continued to the present day, blocking all efforts at justice, equal rights and peace.

Nakba – The Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine provides the necessary context for understanding today’s events:
> Palestine & Palestinians
> Zionism
> The British Mandate and the Partition of Palestine
> Ethnic Cleansing, 1947-49
> Refugees
> The 1967 War
> Occupation
> Settlements, Checkpoints, and the Wall
> Jerusalem
> The “Peace Process”
> Palestinian Resistance
> The Right of Return

Co-authored by Edward Mast and Haithem El-Zabri, with assistance from the Palestine Information Project – producers of the popular educational DVD “Palestine for Beginners." Published by Palestine Online Store.